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THRILLER (@MichaelJackson ROCK Cover by No Resolve & @FromAshesToNew) (Official Music Video)

Produced by Noise Machine (


Directed by Drake Whelton

Music video produced by Drew Jacobs


Director of Choreography & Movement - Glenn Douglas Packard and the INstitute of Dancers


Assistant Choreographer - Amaya Marie

Lead Girlfriend - Markiah Brown

The Creeper - Andrew Dawe Collins

Ticket Girl - Nicole Dillinger

Bestie 1 - Tiffany Lovett

Bestie 2 - Irelyn Ellis Bestie 3 - Becca Petrella

Bestie 4 - Febrianna Daneswary Zombie


Dancer - Eliana Jahjah Zombie Dancer - Taylor Strickland Zombie Dancer - Rufus Chappell IV Zombie Dancer - Tasha Gaines Zombie Dancer - Dynasti Smith Zombie Dancer - Nygel Sejismundo Zombie Dancer - Lauryn Haling Zombie Dancer - Kunal Sinha Zombie Dancer - Quintas Nelson Zombie Dancer - Emily Schatz Zombie Dancer - Ayaka Ishide

THRILLER (@MichaelJackson ROCK Cover by No Resolve & @FromAshesToNew) (Official Music Video)
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